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Regional Contact

Darla Senecal

Regional Coordinator, Rutland and Addison

Upcoming Council Meetings

Addison Regional Council Meeting

April 10 at 10:30 am |CSAC Conference Room

Regional Action Plan

The Regional Action Plan serves as a blueprint for how the Council serves local children and families.


Stories From Addison


December 9, 2019

“Cozy Kids” Keeps Addison Kids Warm and Dry

This story is reprinted with permission from the Addison Independent. Reporter John Flowers is at MIDDLEBURY — As the thermometer drops en route to another frigid Vermont winter, a local nonprofit is raising money to make sure children from area low-income households have access to warm clothing. It’s called “Cozy Kids,” a program of […]

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October 24, 2019


by Su White, Teaching Director, Quarry Hill School, Middlebury Co-leader, Addison County Directors Network 2018 Early Childhood Leadership Institute, Snelling Center In considering equity so many things come to mind- and as ideas bubble up and recede, what remains through my sifted thoughts is: “being heard”, “being seen”, “being respected”. In short- BELONGING. In the world […]

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May 22, 2019

Addison Recap, May 2019

It may not seem that substance use disorder is a family matter, but the struggles are complex and come with very real consequences.  Substance use disorder is often referred to as a family disease, which is true both from a genetic and social point of view. Substance use disorder can have a ripple effect. A […]

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Regional HAVYC&F Profile

The Regional Profile for the Addison Region of BBF highlights data about early childhood in the area and discusses actions being taken by the Addison Regional Council.


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