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Building Bright Futures (BBF) is Vermont’s early childhood public-private partnership, charged under Title 33 § Chapter 46 and the Federal Head Start Act (Public Law 110-134) as Vermont’s Early Childhood State Advisory Council (SAC) and Network, the mechanism used to advise the Governor and legislature on the well-being of children in the prenatal period through age 8 and their families. BBF’s mission is to improve the well-being of children and families in Vermont by using evidence to inform policy and bringing voices together across sectors and within regions to discuss critical challenges and problem-solve. Through Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan (VECAP), BBF maintains the vision for Vermont’s early childhood system, which is to be an integrated continuum of comprehensive, high-quality services that are equitable, accessible, and improve outcomes for each and every Vermont child in the prenatal period through age 8 and their families. BBF’s Network infrastructure includes 12 Regional Councils, seven VECAP Committees, and the Early Childhood State Advisory Council.  

OVERVIEW OF BBF VERMONT'S TITLE 33 § CHAPTER 46 HEAD START ACT Building Bright Futures Impact Report 2022
Building Bright Futures (BBF) is a nonprofit organization working to improve the well-being of young children and families in Vermont.

Our primary functions are to advise, monitor, convene, respond, and empower.

Building Bright Futures (BBF) operates using a collective impact framework, which allows us to tackle complex social and systemic problems facing Vermont's children and families such as a lack of affordable childcare, adverse childhood experiences, and kindergarten readiness.

We envision an early childhood system where partners work together with shared vision, shared action, and shared accountability; where regional tables are set for communities to problem-solve, coordinate, and take action; where data drives decision making; and where sensible state policy is informed by the wisdom of communities.

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