Families & Communities Committee

The BBF Families and Communities Committee works to develop a statewide approach that enriches and expands family partnership and leadership at the provider, agency, and community levels. Our committee is entirely virtual and open for parents and providers to join anytime. You can call in via your computer or phone, from anywhere! All you need to do is show up with all of the knowledge and experience that you hold. We value your time. Parents and caregivers will be compensated for participating in committee meetings and activities. To learn more email families@buildingbrightfutures.org or fill out the Membership Form


The Families and Communities Committee strives to be made up of majority parents and caregivers, with providers in partnership, to help create an early childhood system that mirrors the diverse needs of Vermont families. By providing parents and caregivers opportunities to bring forward thoughts and concerns, and partner in systems conversations and decision-making processes, families become leaders in designing a responsive system that works for them.

Family Needs Assessment Project

The Committee is newly charged with developing and sending out surveys called the Early Childhood Family Needs Assessments on a regular basis. This is supported by a 5-year grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration to the Vermont Division of Maternal and Child Health and BBF, to support building upon and strengthening integration, family leadership work, and an equity lens within Vermont’s early childhood system. Responses to the survey are anonymous and will be analyzed and summarized to inform policy and decision-making in Vermont’s early childhood system. The survey developed by the Committee is open now, having received hundreds of responses and counting! If you are a parent or caregiver of a child under 9 in Vermont, please make sure you’ve completed the survey! See below for our previous Family Engagement Assessment, also developed and lead by the Families and Communities Committee. 


Take the 2022 Family Needs Assessment Survey Early Childhood Family Engagement Assessment Report 2020


Jenifer Fortman

Jen Fortman was born and raised in Central, VT. She moved to Lamoille county for college where she continues to reside with her Partner, Jeff, 5 Year old son, Jayden, 3 year old daughter, Eva, and dog, Gunner. Jen is a full-time stay at home Mom and is beginning their homeschooling journey. In addition to being home and homeschooling, Jen is Building Bright Futures Parent Lead and co-chair of the Families & Communities Committee. Jen supports families as leaders in the committee by increasing family participation, holding space, and strengthening connections between system creators and families/caregivers. She enjoys being outside and exploring nature through biking, hiking, camping, paddleboarding, snowboarding and gardening. She also enjoys reading and relaxing with her friends and family.

Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison co-chairs the Families and Communities Committee alongside Jen Fortman. Sarah first got involved in the Committee during the Family Engagement Survey project in 2020. Following the project, Sarah joined the Committee, and began attending Regional Council meetings. Involvement in the BBF Network eventually lead her to beginning a job with WIC as a breastfeeding peer counselor. Sarah is passionate about her family, and wants to be a part of making sure Vermont families are supported with the resources they need. Sarah lives in Lamoille County, where her and her husband chose to put down roots because of the sense of community they found there. They have two boys, one dog, two cats, and 10 chickens.

Committee Membership

Emily Merrill

Molly Lawney

Rex Butt

Lisa Boeckman

Stephanie Eames

Zeinab Bulle

Crystal Alexander

Lexi Duquette

Annemieke Thoolen

Sarah Morrison

Rebecca Speisman

Charlotte Safran

Renee Kelly

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Families and Communities Committee

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Families and Communities Committee

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