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What We Do

Building Bright Futures operates as a backbone organization for collective impact at the state and local levels by convening stakeholders and community members with a common goal of meeting the diverse needs of all Vermont children and families. We also monitor the early care, health and education systems to advise the Governor and Legislature on early childhood.

Advisory Council

The State Advisory Council is the Governor-appointed council created to advise the Administration on early childhood policy and systems improvements.

Early Childhood Action Plan

BBF coordinates implementation of Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan. The Action Plan represents our common goals for Vermont’s children and families, creating a pathway for collective action to make those goals a reality.


BBF supports 12 regional early childhood councils that work locally to identify gaps, share best practices, strategize, and coordinate action to address community issues through their regional action plans.

How Are Vermont’s
Young Children & Families

This annual report provides a data-based snapshot of the well-being of children and families in Vermont. It is a trusted resource that informs state policy and drives action at the community level.

Vermont Insights

Vermont Insights is BBF’s data portal where users can easily find  information about Vermont’s children and families, and the communities in which they live.

& Pilots

BBF undertakes projects including as research, stakeholder engagement, and management of statewide initiatives that help further our work on behalf of Vermont’s young children.

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