The Vermont Early MTSS-123 Project

Dr. Lori Meyer from the University of Vermont leads The Vermont Early MTSS-123 Project in collaboration with Building Bright Futures, coaches from Pyramid 802 PLUS, the Pyramid Model Consortium, and Strengthening Families trainers Maureen Durning and Jane Zink. In the title, “123” represents essential project features — that is, piloting a regional support team model that will engage and enhance one Vermont early childhood system by supporting the adoption and implementation of two social and emotional frameworks (Pyramid Model and Strengthening Families™) with three core groups at the heart of all activities — children, families, and early childhood practitioners. Major activities of this project include: piloting regional support teams, providing assistance to pilot regions to build local capacity, and developing a statewide plan for scaling-up and sustaining implementation of the two frameworks. Vermont’s Preschool Development Grant provides funding for this work.

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