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Child Outcomes Accountability Team

The charge of the Child Outcomes Accountability Team is to improve integration and coordination of early childhood public and private partners committed to the health and well-being of children and their families.The group will inform strategies and monitor progress toward Goal 1 of Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan: All children have a healthy start. Goal 1’s focus is to ensure that children are healthy, thriving and developmentally on track from the prenatal period to third grade by promoting and monitoring outcomes in the following domains: physical health, development and educational outcomes, mental health outcomes, and basic needs outcomes. Goal 1 also promotes the importance of prevention and early identification across the same domains.

Child Outcomes Accountability Team Overview Presentation_10.22.20


Morgan Crossman

As the Executive Director of BBF, Dr. Crossman is responsible for leading the vision and strategic plan of Vermont’s Early Childhood System and serving as the primary advisor to the Governor and legislature on the well-being of children from prenatal to age eight and their families. Dr. Crossman also directs Vermont’s Early Childhood Resource, Data, and Policy Center, a key driver of the BBF Network’s ability to use evidence and data to inform policy and service provision.

Committee Membership

Breena Holmes

Danielle Howes

Charlotte Safran

Ilisa Stalberg

Janet Kilburn

Renee Kelly

Elizabeth Gillman

Jen Fortman

Amy Johnson

Beverly Boget

Scott Johnson

Tanya LaChapelle

Pam McCarthy

Cheryle Wilcox

Kate Rogers

Katy Davis

Cynthia Greene

Becca Webb

Amy Bolger

Beth Truzansky

Dora Levinson

Upcoming Meetings

Child Outcomes Accountability Team

October 28 at 9:00 am

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