Northern Windsor & Orange Recap, September 2019

The Northern Windsor and Orange County Regional Council identified “Professionals have knowledge and resources regarding children’s social and emotional health” as a priority for the year. The council has also heard stories and seen data on the impact that Early Vermont Multi Tiered Systems of Support on child care programs promoting social and emotional development in children.  There are also multiple providers that are implementing this framework and know others that would like to learn more.  Together with Orange East Supervisory Union and Orange County Parent Child Center we hosted an Early Vermont Multi Tiered Systems of Support three day training covering all of the modules.  The training reached full capacity and was very well received.  This framework calls for not only training but also coaching.  The council is still thinking creatively about ways a coaching role can occur with existing limited resources.  The council hopes to continue to find ways to provide this training and support programs wanting to implement the framework.

The council along with many partners including Mt. Ascutney Hospital, The Family Place and North Chapel in Woodstock collaborated at offering a developmental screenings at a playgroup.  The goal of this was to have caregivers get a chance to reflect at where there child is at developmentally as well as a snapshot of what to expect.  The developmental screener that was used was the Ages and Stages Questionnaire ( ASQ). The council is also working to host an ASQ training in the fall to early childhood professionals that are interested in learning how to perform them as well as use them as a tool to talk with parents.

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