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A Letter to Regional Council Partners from the Executive Director

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May 5, 2021

Dear Regional Council Partners,

The BBF network envisions an early childhood system where partners work together with shared vision, shared action and shared accountability; where regional tables are set for communities to problem solve, coordinate, and take action; where data drives decision making; and sensible state policy is informed by the wisdom of communities. BBF Regional Councils serve as the foundation for the BBF Network and community voice is essential in identifying challenges, priorities and strategies to meet the needs of children and families. 

As a network, we’re committed to improving how to do the work better, more collaboratively and efficiently at all layers of our infrastructure composed of 12 Regional Councils, 7 VECAP Committees and the State Advisory Council. As a leader of this organization, I am so privileged to lead a highly skilled team to do this work and am committed to providing transparency, sustainability and supporting my team and the early childhood system especially as we rebuild and revision coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Today I want to share the vision for the BBF Regional Council network and some transitions you can expect over the next several months to strengthen the existing network in fostering more connections across regional councils, inspiring regional innovation and leadership, as well as providing sustainable staffing for the network. The key roles and responsibilities of the Regional Network remain the same (articulated in the table below), but there will be a transition in how we are staffing the network. The new staffing model was designed by the full team; I value Regional Coordinators as experts in being able to provide historical knowledge of staffing transitions, understanding of regional priorities and knowledge about what regional partners care about to ensure that we can meet as many needs as possible. We will share more with you at your next Regional Council meetings in May and June. The following bullets provide an outline for some of these expectations and transitions: 

  • Transitioning to a model where 12 regional councils are staffed by 4 full-time Regional Managers focused on a team-based approach to building collaboration across regions, while maintaining unique regional priorities and initiatives. 
  • Existing staff will transition into these new roles and work as a team to build strong communication channels across the regions and elevate priorities to VECAP Committees and the State Advisory Council
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of regional council members, steering committee members and BBF Regional Managers 
  • Formalizing the process for Regional Councils to identify priorities and inform Council meetings topics, updating Regional Action Plans, and develop strategies and action steps to meet regional needs and priorities
  • Improve the quality of convenings: frequency of meetings, use of virtual and in-person meetings, setting appropriate expectations for Council meetings, consistent and clear communication (i.e. a calendar of meetings, centralized documentation of agenda and minutes), and greater opportunities to connect across regions and the BBF network
  • Create a sustainable foundation and infrastructure based on the vision, strategic plan, and mission of BBF

Additionally, as BBF has worked to redefine our vision, work, and charge under Title 33, Chapter 46, we’ve recognized the importance of regional councils in being the foundation of our early childhood network and have documented how the regional network has and continues to execute their role within this statute. 

We hope that these key roles are a strong representation of the powerful and important role regional councils play within the BBF Network. We are excited about these changes and hope to strengthen our ability to support the regional work within this model. We also recognize this will be a transition felt differently across councils and across the BBF Network. You can anticipate these changes will be implemented between now and September. Thank you for your patience, curiosity and engagement. Our Regional Team, Beth Truzansky our Deputy Director and I will visit your May and June Regional Council meetings. As always, your voice matters and we’re looking forward to talking with you more about these transitions and how this fits within the broader vision of the BBF Network.

In partnership,

Morgan Crossman, PhD, MA

Executive Director

Building Bright Futures

Learn more about the BBF Regional Councils  or attend a Council in your area.

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