Caledonia & Southern Essex Regional Council Recap – September 2018

Dawn Powers
Caledonia, Essex and Orleans Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Regional Council Meetings:

At our August 20, 2018 BBF Regional Council meeting, members reviewed our BBF Direct Services (DS) grant requirements for FY 18-19.  Implementation of the grant activities is a collaborative effort between our council, our local NEKCA Parent Child Center (PCC), 4 regional BBF DS teams and other community partners. 

We also decided to continue the work of our ad hoc BBF professional development sub-committee.  These meetings will be held every other month following our council meeting starting in October of 2017.  Membership will include the BBF Coordinator, Resource Advisor at Northern Lights at CCV, Springfield College, St. Johnsbury School, Little Dippers Doodle Children’s Center (LDDCC), Starting Points Network leaders, other early childhood professionals and community partners. We will continue to assess the needs of the early childhood field in our region, develop a work plan, identify, and apply for grants as well as implement professional development opportunities.

At our September 17, 2018 BBF Regional Council meeting, we read through the Guiding Principles for the Full Participation of Each and Every Young Child and Family document and reviewed three discussion questions. Following a great conversation, council members voted to adopt these principles.  We will continue to look at how we can apply them to our collective impact and systems work. We will use the principles to inform our council’s method for local action planning as well as implementation of action strategies outlined in our BBF regional plan. 

Upcoming BBF Regional Council Meeting/ Trainings:

  • October 15, 2018- Shared Services presented by Michelle Tarryk, NEKLS and Lorraine Vernet, VB5
  • November 19, 2018 – VT Early Childhood Legislative Issues- Presented by Kelly Ault from VT Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance
  • December 17, 2018 – Substance Use Disorder -Presented by Carol Smith- Oak Leaf and Pine Counseling, PLC

Promise Communities: BBF has worked collaboratively with both the Family Place and All Things Lyndon (ATL) to support families with young children in our communities. We held several collaborative community events and now are working together to establish a sustainability plan to support both initiatives which have had a profound impact on our region.

BBF, All Things Lyndon, NEKCA PCC, Powers Park and LDDCC hosted an end of year Summer Block Party on August 10, 2018. The event was a huge success celebrating the end of summer with fun, free children’s activities; resources; free swim and a barbeque dinner.  All children were given a free book and school supplies as part of our promotion of school readiness. We had 400 individuals sign in and estimate over 600 in attendance- some were not captured due to an open venue for our celebration.

BBF, ATL and the Family Place are hosting a community trip to the Great VT Corn Maze in Danville on Saturday, September 22nd.  The interest for this event was overwhelming both in our region and statewide.  We have 160 individuals signed up to attend the event and a wait list forming.  The purpose of this event is to not only provide a free family event, but also to support child-adult interactions; learning through play; promote social connections; build strong communities and share valuable community resources with families in our region.

Sustaining Our Promise Communities: An initial conversation between All Things Lyndon Steering Committee members, the Family Place Oversight Committee members, other community partners and the BBF Coordinator was hosted on September 17th.  The group identified the unique strengths and needs of each promise community initiative, the challenges of a potential merger, sustainability options and identification of next steps including the need to form a workgroup to work intensely on this issue over the next month. If both groups decide to move forward with exploring this option, the BBF Coordinator will convene the workgroup as a neutral convener.

Please check out the All Things Lyndon website by visiting:

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