Rutland County Regional Council Recap – September 2017

Dana Anderson
Addison & Rutland County Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Rutland Building Bright Futures (BBF) operates by four guiding principles:

  • Increasing access to services and resources for families
  • Supporting professional development
  • Empowering parents to be the best caregivers they can be
  • Collaborating with community partners

Rutland BBF keeps these locally valued principles at the heart of the work, as a diverse group of early childhood stakeholders coming together each month to learn from each other to better the community for families. The Rutland BBF council has identified early childhood trauma as one focus area for the year ahead, and is working with community partners to develop strategies for mitigating the effect of ACES in the Rutland region.

To begin this important regional work, it is imperative to create common understanding and language about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), and the long-term impact on population health. Rutland BBF has partnered with the Rutland Agency of Human Services, and Community College of Vermont (CCV) to purchase the film Resilience, The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope. This documentary articulates the severity of why we need to pay attention to this issue. The film will be shown across the region in Fall 2017. Several community agencies have already viewed the film internally, and AHS and BBF presented a preview at the well-attended Project VISION community meeting in September. The first community-wide screening will take place at CCV (in place of the Rutland BBF monthly council meeting) on October 17, 2017. In an effort to really understand how ACES translates to the reality in Rutland county, we have asked several experts to sit on a panel after the film,

  • Jody Brakeley, MD, FAAP, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician
  • Caprice Hover, Executive Director United Way
  • Rebecca Day, LICSW, Rutland Mental Health

The film is only the first step. Many community partners are paying attention to the effects of early trauma, and exploring ways to create an interagency team devoted to this important work. While we know we cannot prevent all ACES from occurring, we can come together as a community to mitigate the effects. The solution side resonates with Rutland BBF. The guiding principles of the council can be applied by:

  • Providing access to resources as early as families need them, is one way Rutland BBF can support families, and the staff who serve them.  
  • Support staff trainings, and opportunity for problem-solving
  • Empower parents by educating the community
  • Work together with community partners to ensure success

No one agency can solve this issue, but by leveraging local and state expertise and advocacy, developing a roadmap for building community resiliency, such as the Building Flourishing Communities model, and agreeing upon common goals, our odds for success are much greater. Rutland BBF is honored to tackle this important work in tandem with our strong and dedicated partners.

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