Franklin Grand Isle Regional Council Recap – November 2017

Margaret Maley
Franklin Grand Isle Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Our council has had continuous and intentional dialogue around what meaningful work we can engage in. Through a process of elimination based on our action plan and community needs, we landed on two working groups to be implemented: Welcome Baby Bag planning and distribution and an activities committee to organize a diaper drive. Last meeting, Matt Levin from the Early Childhood Alliance joined us to provide a Q&A session around the alliance’s legislative agenda.

Promise Community strategies for cohort one are underway, and one program in particular is picking up steam: the community liaison expansion. This initiative is providing three communities with funding to expand their programming for children and families including workshops, playgroups, community events, and any other initiative that mitigates risks and increases protective factors. Some ideas include an “introduction to child care business workshop”, a local forum on substance abuse, and differently themed playgroups. 

Our regional Hunger Council has recently requested Early Childhood representation and presentation at their last three meetings. The presentations covered topics related to child care, the benefits cliff and its impact on families, and food insecurity as it relates to families with young children in our region. We hope this collaboration will continue to grow. 

Our local prevention collaborative coalition, a group of diverse partners from various agencies, is looking at avenues to increase knowledge of and access to prevention resources in the community. The group is working with other coalitions to compare effective solutions such as social media platforms, calendars of events, and making as many local connections as possible.  

Our council’s diverse perspectives and idea sharing provided us with a foundation for visioning a plan to address the most significant needs in the community. Identifying the need for concrete supports amongst various populations laid the foundation for the work of our committees over the next couple of months. At our next meeting, we plan to divide into our groups to begin implementing plans for both welcome baby delivery and the diaper drive.

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