What is Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan?

Action_Plan_coverThe Early Childhood Action Plan is the road map to reach Vermont’s goals documented in The Early Childhood Framework. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin presented the Framework at his Early Childhood Summit in October 2013. In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, the Action Plan is intended to be a living document—one that will be used to mark progress and highlight where mid-course corrections are needed, based on new information. The Framework represents Vermont’s commitment to ensure that the state’s children grow up happy, healthy and ready for a lifetime of learning. The Action Plan charts a course of action to help Vermont achieve the Framework’s six goals.Early Childhood Framework Cover Thumb

The Early Childhood Action Plan’s Structure

The Early Childhood Action Plan reflects diverse perspectives and strives to create new linkages among the health, human services, early learning and development and K-3 education sectors, which together comprise Vermont’s early childhood system. Organizations within Vermont’s early childhood system work in concert to reach each goal within a timeframe. In total, there are six goals, 25 indicators, 11 data requirements, 29 strategies and 92 action steps being taken by over 50 organizations and agencies within Vermont’s early childhood system. That makes for a complicated structure that is explained in detail here, and through our print flyer and short graphic presentation below.

Building Bright Futures’ role in the Early Childhood Action Plan BBF_logo

BBF is the statewide nonprofit, public-private partnership focused on improving the well-being of young children and families by improving the system that serves them. BBF is also the designated Vermont Early Childhood Advisory Council to the Governor, Administration and Legislature. Therefore, there is no better steward than BBF to ensure the Early Childhood Action Plan’s mission “to ensure the state’s children grow up happy, healthy and ready for a lifetime of learning” is realized. BBF tracks the progress of the Early Childhood Action Plan and archives Action Plan materials on this website. The Building Bright Futures (BBF) State Advisory Council (SAC) can assist in resolving conflicts and help accelerate the progress of the Action Plan. The SAC now invites you to talk to us! Use our new contact form to reach the SAC regarding these or other Action Plan matters.

  1. Act as a sounding board or consultant on ideas or conflicts within the Early Childhood System and ensure alignment of concepts with the Vermont Early Childhood Action Plan.
  2. Assist in aligning statewide initiatives with the Early Childhood Action Plan.
  3. Provide the affirmations needed for the Vermont Early Childhood Alliance application – the first step in promoting your policy issue at the state legislative level.
  4. Direct early childhood system issues to the appropriate regional or statewide workgroups.

For regional issues, topics or needs, contact the appropriate Building Bright Futures Regional Councils. Click here for the list of the 12 BBF Regional Councils and Regional Coordinator contact information. If you have questions about how to fill out the form or other questions about the Action Plan, contact Emily Kornheiser, the Early Childhood Action Plan Director.