Building Vermont’s Future From The Child Up Outcomes Report – November State Advisory Council Meeting


Carolyn Wesley, Deputy Director for Building Bright Futures (BBF), shared the Building Vermont’s Future from the Child Up Summit Report, which synthesizes the conversations and ideas that emerged from the two-day system design summit on October 3rd and 4th. The summit was part of BBF’s effort to engage diverse stakeholders in a statewide effort to explore and develop recommendations for a comprehensive integrated early care and learning system as charged by Vermont’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care. The Blue Ribbon Commission recommended that this process should begin early in 2017 and conclude in time to deliver proposed legislation to the state legislature no later than January 2019.

The report was created to provide background on the Summit process for those who didn’t participate, capture the systems design ideas that emerged at the summit, and outline next steps toward developing recommendations for the legislature.

Carolyn walked the SAC through the design ideas captured from the summit. Guided by the work of the Blue Ribbon Commission, summit participants considered improvements to Vermont’s early care and learning system including:

  • Implementing affordability
  • Early care and learning delivery and capacity building
  • Developing and assuring high-quality early care and learning programs for all children and families
  • Developing and supporting Vermont’s early care and learning workforce
  • Coordinating comprehensive/wrap around services
  • Identifying system efficiencies
  • Financing mechanisms

A full outline of all the design ideas can be found in the Summit Report, which will be available on the BBF website in the next few weeks.

Carolyn then walked the SAC through proposed next steps in order to continue this important work. The ideas generated at summit provide tangible opportunities for innovation and implementation. However, they don’t represent a comprehensive blueprint for our future system, as envisioned by the Blue Ribbon Commission. Further work is needed to synthesize and sequence these ideas, and apply research and policy analysis to determine which ideas would most effectively maximize resources while ensuring high-quality experiences for all Vermont children and families.

BBF will convene a small group of stakeholders with the policy and implementation expertise needed to build on the framework provided by the Summit Report, and develop a refined, comprehensive early care and learning systems blueprint, as charged by the Blue Ribbon Commission. This group would meet in early 2018 and present a draft blueprint by the summer of 2018. A final proposal will be given to the Legislature in 2019.

The SAC made a motion to accept this report as an accurate account of what was discussed at the Summit. Members were also asked to consider the placement of the Executive Summary of this report into the How Are Vermont’s Young Children & Families (HAVYC&F) report this year. After discussion, Julie Cadwallader Staub made the motion to have BBF create a recommendations section for HAVYC&F that includes both the next steps from the Summit Outcomes report, as well as the recommendations from the Substance Use Task Force report, after being refined per the SAC’s recommendations.

The full draft report can be viewed by Clicking Here.

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