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 About Pre-K for All

Our nation stands at a pivotal moment to promote the educational and future economic success of our children through interventions that science tells us help improve their development, education and well-being.

Momentum is growing for programs like evidence-based home visits and high quality childcare and preschool. Vermont recently passed Act 166 in 2014 providing universal pre-kindergarten for all 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds, 10 hours per week during the academic year.  Full implementation of that law was delayed for a year, but Vermont is taking steps to even the playing field for children and their families who are shut out of opportunities to improve their economic mobility.

Pre-K for All is a catch phrase many states or cities use to describe their universal pre-K programs. Most recently, New York City kicked-off the implementation of its Pre-K for All program with full-day pre-K and is one of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s top priorities.  Washington DC was a leader in early education and one of the first to use the moniker, Pre-K for All.  DC’s road to early education started in 1964, when Anacostia Pre-School Project served as a pilot site for the Federal Head Start Program. That developed into the Pre-K for All DC campaign in 2006 leading to their pre-K law passing in 2008.

As Vermont moves to expand their pre-K programs, BBF will offer links to helpful information.

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Public Comment Transcript, May 20, 2015

VT AOE Application for Pre-qualification of Pre-K Programs
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