How Are Vermont’s Young Children and Families? 2015 HAVYCF_COVER

The purpose of the annual report is to provide a factual depiction of the state of young child and family well-being at a point in time, as well as progress on selected indicators and outcomes for the early care, health, and education system. New in this year’s report is a section that highlights key indicators for each of the 12 Building Bright Futures’ regions in comparison to other regions and to the state as a whole.

 The Early Childhood Action Plan

Early Childhood Act Plan Cover ThumbThe Early Childhood Action Plan is the road map to reach Vermont’s goals documented in The Early Childhood Framework. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin presented the Framework at his Early Childhood Summit in October 2013. In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, the Action Plan is intended to be a living document—one that will be used to mark progress and highlight where mid-course corrections are needed, based on new information.

Early Learning Challenge Image ThumbVT’s Early Learning Challenge Grant

Vermont’s Early Learning Challenge – Race to the Top grant (ELC) is a $36.9 million, federally funded, four-year grant to help build a high-quality and accessible early childhood system in the state so that all young children will be ready to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. To view our overview powerpoint presentation, click here.

Early Childhood Framework Cover ThumbThe Early Childhood Framework

The Early Childhood Framework represents Vermont’s commitment to ensure that our young children grow up happy, healthy and ready for a lifetime of learning. It recognizes that we will be better able to achieve the goals established in this Framework by sharing the responsibility and working together. It also acknowledges that we all benefit when all our children and families are thriving. Lastly, the Framework is a call to action. It prompts each of us to identify what we can do to realize the promise of every Vermont child.

Early Childhood Budget Cover ThumbThe Early Childhood Budget

Everyone with a stake in Vermont’s future shares the responsibility of giving children a good start in life. Since the mid-1980s, Vermont has sharpened its focus on the well-being of children and families. But in recent years, it has become clear that Vermont needs to do more for children in their early development. The state is working toward a long-term, sustainable strategy to ensure the health, education, and well-being of young children— birth through age 8. One of the first building blocks of that strategy was to determine the resources Vermont currently commits to young children. With a baseline budget as a starting point, legislators, policymakers and others can decide on the level of future investments in early childhood development and how to measure their impact.