Vermont Insights eNews, May 2016, Issue 3

Do you care about data? We want YOU!
Join the BBF Data & Evaluation Committee.

VI_MAY_Newsltr_D-E_want-u_revisedYou’re invited to help sustain data access
Voices from all corners of Vermont request access to data that illuminates the stories of the state’s children, families and communities.

You’re invited to help foster data use
Whether it is trends in employment and wages, substance abuse, or early learning outcomes, valid and reliable data is in demand.

You’re invited to support data development
Families, employers, policy makers, health providers, educators and community planners all seek information relevant to their decision-making and they don’t want to design a research study or spend hours searching the web to find it.

Where data exists, they want to explore it; where it doesn’t exist or is very limited, they want to develop it. By raising the visibility of key issues affecting Vermont’s children and families, Vermont Insights is one valuable tool available to them.

BBF Data & Evaluation Committee co-chairs Ann Dillenbeck (right) and Ben Allen (left).

BBF Data & Evaluation Committee co-chairs Ann Dillenbeck (left) and Ben Allen (right).

Building Bright Future’s (BBF) Data and Evaluation Committee is working to sustain Vermont Insights as a key component of the Vermont data landscape.

Vermont Insights compliments the data functions performed by its partner, the Vermont State Data Center at the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies, as well as by collaborative initiatives such as the Prenatal to Grade 12 Data Governance Council, the Vermont Data Collaborative and the Vermont Accountability Group.

The Data and Evaluation Committee will assist BBF’s new Executive Director, Sarah Squirrell, and her staff in the development of a business plan that includes Vermont Insights. Fees for specialized services, such as the creation of original data reports and sponsorships by organizations that benefit from this resource are two ideas for promising revenue sources.

Here’s how to join

We welcome your ideas about this or other resources in sustaining this site that allows stakeholders to search, view, and use data related to the well-being of Vermont’s children, families and communities. What services might Vermont Insights market? What is the best way to reach potential consumers? We are all ears!

Send your creative suggestions to BBF Data and Evaluation Committee Co-chairs Ann Dillenbeck or Ben Allen and we will pass them along to the full Committee.

Thank you for your input!

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