Vermont Insights - WorkshopBuilding Bright Futures Regional Councils are a central artery in Vermont’s early childhood system of care, health and education. Regional Councils organize local communities to engage, plan and act. They disburse local, state, and federal funds to community programs and offer technical support so services to children and families are high quality, accessible and affordable.

The purpose of this network of regional councils is to align solutions at the local level with effective policy at the state level.

Twelve Regional Councils

Represent local communities across Vermont. Each council is facilitated by a coordinator and is comprised of local parents, local school districts, local government, local early childhood and child welfare providers, physicians and nurses, law enforcement and criminal justice, advocates, and ANY other interested community members.

Take action in your community We invite those interested in improving the lives of young children and their families to get involved.

Discover how you can impact the lives of children and families locally and throughout Vermont.