Northern Windsor & Orange Regional Council Recap – September 2018

Ellen Taetzsch
Northern Windsor, Orange and Springfield Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




The Northern Windsor and Orange County Building Bright Futures Council took the summer off from meeting as a council.  However, we were still hard at work.  During the summer we strengthened our Partnership with Windsor County Partners, an organization that creates and supports mentoring partnerships between caring adults and local youth to help build healthy communities.  Both our organizations are interested in ways to help mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Through this partnership we began planning an event to take place at the end of September where we will show the film Resilience followed by a panel discussion.  The panel will include a pediatrician, a trainer from Building Flourishing Communities, and the clinical director from The Family Place, a Parent Child Center.  We are hoping that by spreading this information into the community we can empower community members to take it and make small changes for big impact, as well as sparking discussions among providers serving our children and families.

At the Northern Windsor and Orange County BBF council meeting in September we focused on understanding the Agency of Human Services Community Profiles. The council wants to better use data to determine if our priorities are in fact the right priorities to focus on.  This conversation was the first step in understanding data resources available.  We received a brief overview of the history of community profiles, ways they can be used (grants, sparking conversations, advocacy etc.) and then dove into some of the data from our region.  We noticed that in many measures the Hartford district hovers in the middle of the state and noted that often times new and innovative ideas are not piloted in this region.  We also discussed the way that the Northern Windsor and Orange BBF council can harness the momentum that is building in the Integrated Services group in Hartford.  It seems as though both groups have mutually reinforcing focuses.  The ability to work together and support each other’s work would not only benefit both groups but also the region as a whole.  This is a topic that we will continue to explore.

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