Lamoille Regional Council Recap – September 2018

Steve Ames
Central Vermont & Lamoille Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Lamoille Valley Building Bright Futures was excited to help to fund a terrific new summer Playgroup, which served to keep the school year playgroup families connected to each other during the break. The connections created between parents and children at Baby Chats and Playgroups across the region are among our most important programs – they provide access to all (with weekend playgroups and baby chats), often include nutrition help from our WIC Nutritionists, but most importantly provide knowledge of child development and social connections, two of the critical protective factors that reduce stress for kids and parents.

The Council revised our Action Plan and spent some time working with BBF’s new Communications Director, Julia Andrews to put together a broad reach Protective Factors public education campaign we hope to launch in November. Our intent is to remind people of the five protective factors, their contribution to lowering stress and illness, and contribution to general long term wellbeing. Sometimes, simple instructions about how to take care of oneself and one’s family are really helpful. We’ll be modeling our campaign on the wonderful Five for Families campaign developed by the Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board.

We continue to cultivate our relationship with the Lamoille Valley’s legislative team, and work to deepen their understanding of the issues that affect young families and children. While helping to ground our Senator and Representatives in the importance of the early years, this also has deepened the knowledge and impact Council members have as citizens advocating with lawmakers. We are looking forward to a conversation with our elected representatives in early December – as they begin to plan for the upcoming legislative session.

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