Lamoille Regional Council Recap – March 2018

Steve Ames
Central Vermont & Lamoille Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Our partners at Capstone Community Action have successfully moved into their new facility this winter and just opened their Pre-K classrooms. Each of their three Head Start classes includes ten Head Start kids and five tuition kids. And they’re nearly full! Capstone is winding down their in-school classrooms, now that they have completed their facility, and are centralizing all of their services in this space. It’s been a long process, and folks are excited about the new setup.

Our work together with Help Me Grow has enabled the Lamoille Council to support parent education and some innovative experimental playgroups – outdoors in the mud this spring – and a continuation playgroup outdoors is planned for the summer. Playgroups, baby chats, and open gyms for young families create fantastic opportunities for connecting kids with their community.

The Council has been discussing various ways to provide increasing support for early care by making connections with the new staff from CCV Northern Lights, as well as helping to communicate Vermont Birth to Five’s new role in the region. As a region with a long term shortage of early care for infants, the challenge is a big one.

The Council is pleased to be able to provide a voice for early childhood at the newly configured Accountability Community for Health (ACH) – called the Unified Community Collaborative in Lamoille. As it becomes increasingly clear that the Social Determinants of Health overwhelmingly support positive long term health outcomes for all, BBF’s representation, and gentle encouragement to increase focus on Early Childhood over time is critical.

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