Lamoille Regional Council Recap – July 2018

Steve Ames
Central Vermont & Lamoille Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




With a successful outdoor playgroup from the spring now in the works, the Lamoille Family Center, together with help from Help Me Grow and BBF, is working to keep families connected through the summer with a new summer playgroup series. The Council is excited to be able to support work that directly impacts children and families in this way. We’re also really pleased to be working closely with Floyd Nease as he takes over from Scott Johnson at the Lamoille Family Center. Work with the regions Accountable Community for Health has recently resulted in new focus on early prevention and a growing realization that there is a need and place for a pediatric team member on our Community Health Team. Work is underway to fund that position – which, together with a social worker at the Women’s Health Center and our DULCE office, begins to weave a strong safety net for young families in the region.

As the Lamoille Council looks to the year ahead a nagging worry has persisted. Are we actually connected to parents and families and is our work actually impacting family experiences? As a result, the Council will launch a campaign in the fall, built upon the experiences of several other national partners, to educate regular people about the protective factors. We’ll work with BBF’s new Communications Director to put together a project that seeks to spread the word accross media, and across the region about how to build resilience – for the whole population.

Our goal to provide broad and actionable information about the legislative process affecting Early Childhood has resulted in increasingly rich connections with our legislators in both the Lamoille and Central Vermont region. A busy season of testifying in committee, training from the Vermont Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance, and rich conversations with partners from different constituencies have helped Council members to understand effective governance. We look forward to being even better partners in the process in the year ahead.

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