Franklin Grand Isle Regional Council Recap – May 2018

Margaret Maley
Franklin Grand Isle Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Share a bright spot from you or your Council’s work over the last two months

The council has been exploring ways to enhance existing collaborations in the region, while at the same time supporting families directly through concrete supports. Examples of this include a May presentation from our Department of Children and Families Family Services director on the myths and realities of DCF, and simultaneously running a diaper drive at various locations in St. Albans City. In the coming months we will be discussing ways in which to best support families through various funding opportunities in the region.

Share a program or practice that is working well in your region

Our regional Early Childhood Resource team, comprised of various programs that support child care providers and centers, has been diligently working to support providers and children who may be facing behavioral challenges and may be at risk of expulsion. Our Children’s Integrated Services coordinator has implemented a practice of visiting providers who are in need of extra supports in the event that families are on waitlists for services. This interim support is instrumental in ensuring families are well supported and children remain in care.

 Share information about a new partnership developed in your region

Our region has been without a children’s occupational therapist for a number of months. This has caused distress for families needing services, particularly when they are faced with multiple barriers to traveling outside the region for support. Our Parent Child Center director has connected with Kids Rehab Gym to implement a plan for an occupational therapist from their program to be present in our region at least one day a week. This collaboration will allow families to get the support they need in the community in which they reside.

Share a creative solution to an emerging problem in your region

Our region is in the pre-launch stage of a grouping of programs that would work to support moms experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The collaboration between various agencies and experts in the field will work to turn the curve on perinatal mood and anxiety disorder rates, mitigate the risk/effects, and increase knowledge and access to supports and services in the region.

Share an example of how you or your Council are providing leadership to improve how your region supports young children and families

The range of expertise at the council is one of the ways in which it is able to fully support the region. Though the topics may range from month to month, we always circle back to what it is best for children and families and discuss ways to better link and streamline each of the supports our agencies can offer.

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