Franklin Grand Isle Regional Council Recap – March 2018

Margaret Maley
Franklin Grand Isle Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Our last council meeting focused heavily on reviewing the “How Are Vermont’s Young Children and Families?” Report. The council reviewed the five areas of focus and linked them to our three action plan results: All families have sufficient and nutritious food, all families are healthy with thriving children, and all families have affordable, quality early care experiences. The council was able to identify the areas in which the community is thriving, as well as areas of growth.

Our Child and Adult Care Food Program Coordinator has supported local child care providers in their expressed needs for child sized utensils, including child-sized tongs and measuring cups with child-friendly handles. Our coordinator, Michelle, has woven the new supplies into her visits and has worked with our local childcare providers to promote family style feeding, self-feeding skills, and portion sizes for young children.

A group of early childhood stakeholders from Children’s Integrated Services, the VT Department of Health, and Home Health have teamed up to build a Vermont Family and Community Engagement road map. This group has been working to identify already existing and successful community engagement practices, and in future meetings will continue to create a plan to implement effective and sustainable outcomes for family engagement in our region.

With so many programs and services, it’s often overwhelming for families to know what to look for or know who to call. Our local Parent Child Center has created a “get to know your PCC” series on their Facebook page to provide clarity and outreach about early childhood services. Beginning in March of 2018, each program posts a one pager of information on who they are, what they do, and who to call for more information, followed by weekly posts of related resources. The Early Intervention team went first in March, and their informational post reached over 1,600 families!

Our council has been diligent in ensuring that we are not only talking about what’s going well, but how we can improve our early childhood system. The group is dedicated to identifying and addressing problem areas as a Council, including the high rate of children in DCF-FS custody and ACES.

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