Central Vermont Regional Council Recap – January 2018

Steve Ames
Central Vermont & Lamoille Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




The Central Vermont Council is seeking to understand what influence we may have as a group – what collective power our Regional Council may hold, and is excited about the upcoming legislative session. The Council also been discussing, with some alarm, the issue of child care capacity and how that will be impacted if preschool aged kids continue their transitions to public Pre-K and child care providers are no longer able afford infant and toddler care.

The council was happy to meet the new Resource Advisor from CCV/Northern Lights, Joanne Rouleau, at our meeting last week. We are also working to spread the word about Dabble Days across Central Vermont in the coming weeks in order to promote family engagement.

The Council is enthusiastic about the BBF State Advisory Council’s (SAC) focus on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and is hopeful that this will be an opportunity for mental health to be more integrated with the SAC Council members report that they would like to see more mental health representation at all Building Bright Futures regional council tables.

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