Springfield Regional Council Recap – November 2017

Ellen Taetzsch
Northern Windsor, Orange and Springfield Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




The Springfield Area Building Bright Futures Regional Council has spent the last couple months gearing up for next year. We spent some time looking at our action plan and narrowing down the priorities that we wanted to focus on in the next 18 months. We had some criteria in our decision making such as what is in the sphere of influence of the council, what realistically do council members have time to commit to, and what is in greatest need in the region. The two priorities that we decided on for the region are: 1. Children have access to a wide range of social options and family events including addressing transportation and 2. Families and caregivers have opportunities to understand child development. While we will focus on these two priorities we will continue to support other strategies in the region including the Welcome Baby Project, playgroups, ACEs in Action and the Building Flourishing Communities initiative in order to maintain or strengthen the impact that these are already having.

In continuing to improve the council and plan for the next 18 months, we also looked at ways to make meetings better structured to move these priorities forward and have made nominations for the leadership team.

The Springfield Area Regional council also spent some time discussing ways in which we can support Help Me Grow. We strategized ways to reach out to medical practices in coordination with Children’s Integrated Services to help reduce confusion and highlight the ways these two programs work together. We also discussed trainings that we wanted to hold and are working on the logistics of those. We decided that we would support the holiday party for the Just Us Moms Program, a group supporting young mothers and their children, and spend some time at the holiday party on ways to support healthy development of children.

The Springfield Area Regional council is also in the midst of planning its legislative breakfast and has determined that it will focus on why childcare is important now and how it mitigates some of the effects of challenges the state is facing such as the opiate crisis and generational poverty.

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