Rutland County Regional Council Recap – March 2018

Darla Senecal
Addison & Rutland Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures





Rutland county is on the cusp of several exciting projects. Planning is underway for “Just Play? No Way!” a free community event that highlights healthy brain development in young children through play.  Stations will be set up featuring lots of creative hands-on activities involving art, music, reading, exercise, health, and nutrition. Snacks and beverages will be provided through donations in addition to door prizes and giveaways. Community info will be available from local organizations and businesses participating in the event.

This event usually takes place in the Spring. Due to venue availability, the date has been changed to November 3, 2018, 9-1pm at the Rutland Regional Medical Center conference rooms.

The Council is also in the beginning stages of an early literacy pilot with the Stern Center for Language and Learning to expand use of the Building Blocks for Literacy model in the region. BBF’s regional council infrastructure will help maximize the impact of this project by ensuring a strategic approach to training. With Rutland’s BBF Council sighting professional development as part of the Regional Action Plan, supporting this pilot program seemed to be a terrific starting point. BBF and the Stern Center have received funding from the Turrell Fund and the Bay and Paul Foundations to pilot this systemic early literacy partnership in Rutland County in the spring and summer of 2018.

There has been discussion about trying to broaden the membership of the council. The council identified several sectors from providers to school members, businesses, and community leaders that could be reached out to. We look forward to increasing our numbers and the information and prospective that may come with new members.

Kindergarten transition was also discussed at the March meeting. The idea of holding a roundtable discussion with kindergarten teachers and school officials was brought up. The need to clarify what schools want and need to see in incoming students is important to the Council. Also, using a meeting like this to highlight the training and qualifications of early education providers could go a long way in strengthening relationships between schools and early childhood providers. The goal of the Council is to foster partnerships between the two professions. The next steps in the process will be to identify a date, time, and agenda.

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