Rutland County Regional Council Recap – July 2017

Dana Anderson
Addison & Rutland County Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Rutland Building Bright Futures has maintained integrity throughout its regional leadership transitions of 2016-17. The council remains actively dedicated to ensuring all children in Rutland County have access to opportunities, which meet their needs, parents are empowered, and staff are connected and supported. Throughout the spring, the council has been reviewing the Rutland regional action plan, and assessing pressing community needs. The council has identified what works well in the region, and where collaboration might increase success. The council has identified several focus areas for the year ahead, and will activate these target areas as leverage to recruit new council members, strengthen relationships with community partners, and build connections with state partners.

Pre-K to Kindergarten Collaboration: Rutland BBF will form a council sub-committee which will bring early educators and the Kindergarten-grade 12 system together to create a common definition of Kindergarten readiness, explore program curriculum and assessment data, and identify common professional development needs. This committee will develop opportunity to build relationships among these diverse educational settings, by identifying commonalities through early literacy and social and emotional development. The committee will enhance regional readiness for, and plan a regional Kindergarten transition summit. The pre-K – K Collaboration will create a more unified and highly qualified early education system in the Rutland region, with the ultimate goal of increasing Kindergarten readiness. Shared learning will utilize local expertise to create peer learning and reflective supervision opportunities.   Common best practice will ensure that children are thriving, and programs and schools are working together to best support families.

Rutland BBF is dedicated to ensuring that parents have access to information about healthy child development and parenting strategies, and understand the effects of trauma. Rutland BBF is partnering with Community College of Vermont (CCV) and the Agency of Human Services to screen the film Resilience among community partners, to offer opportunity for collaboration on how best to mitigate the effects of trauma. Rutland BBF will work with early childhood providers across sectors to increase common understanding and best practice around supporting young children and their families.

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