Northern Windsor & Orange Regional Council Recap – November 2017

Ellen Taetzsch
Northern Windsor, Orange and Springfield Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




The Northern Windsor and Orange County Building Bright Futures Regional council has taken the last couple months to really hone in on who we are, what successes have happened in the region, and to think about the process with which we want to proceed and how to take action. We took some time looking at demographics such as population, education, and employment. We also looked at some of the successes and highlights from the past year. Some of the highlights were public transportation being expanded in Orange County, successfully implementing Act 166, offering 10 hours of pre-kindergarten in all seven supervisory unions (two of which are bi-state), and the Safe Babies Court model in Northern Windsor.

The Northern Windsor and Orange County regional council also spent some time looking at the question “are children socially and emotionally ready to learn?” with a Results Based Accountability lens. We identified data that we are already collecting answering “how much did we do?” and “how well did we do it?” as well as “is anyone better off?” This will allow us to take a survey of the landscape and better target future actions that the council may want to make without creating new work in collecting new data.

The Northern Windsor and Orange County regional council also looked at how best to use Help Me Grow funds for family events and trainings. We decided to promote literacy at the Gingerbread Festival coming up next month siting that many people come to this event and this reach will allow us to spread the Help Me Grow message far. We also decided to use the fund for trainings that support our desire to improve social and emotional health by partnering with the Building Flourishing Communities’ initiative and target parents.

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