Northern Windsor & Orange Regional Council Recap – July 2017

Ellen Taetzsch
Northern Windsor, Orange and Springfield Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




The Northern Windsor and Orange County (NWO) Building Bright Futures Council has undergone leadership changes in the last few months with Sarah Buxton leaving her position and Ellen Taetzsch joining the team. Ellen is now supporting two-region (Northern Windsor and Orange County as well as the Springfield Area). During this transition the council has taken an opportunity to pause and reflect on the role of BBF within the region and in the broader network of other regional councils and the statewide network. NWO BBF has also taken some time to determine what the core roles of both the BBF coordinator and council are in order to better understand how the new configuration of coordination can best be leveraged.

The council has seen a potential opportunity to collaborate with the Springfield Area BBF council to create more meaningful change on a wider scale. The council hopes to pilot a couple different approaches (such as sharing a priority with Springfield and focusing on a regional priority) to determine the best way to create change in the future with a shared coordination model. This will be a learning and growing time for the NWO council, and is something that council members have graciously endeavored on with an eye for opportunities. Throughout this change process the council has been able to adapt, respond and show nimbleness to best place us in a position for future success knowing how best to engage the region.

Also during this change process NWO BBF council has decided that it is important to prioritize the regional action plan that began in 2016. In doing this the council has decided that it is important to reexamine the plan and use strengths of council members to help turn this plan into a more digestible format using Results Based Accountability (RBA). Within the council’s membership, there are people who have a wide and deep knowledge of RBA and have offered to help lead this discussion. The council will not only use this process to transform the plan but also as an opportunity for council members to strengthen their own understanding and skills around Results Based Accountability. This will help many council members in their own professional roles.

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