Franklin Grand Isle Regional Council Recap – September 2017

Margaret Maley
Franklin Grand Isle Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Our council has recently reviewed our action plan through an appreciative inquiry lens to identify and celebrate our accomplishments. This conversation led to a larger discussion around what the role of the council is with regards to the action items we set out to accomplish. To expand upon this, I created a living Google document that asks each council member to reflect upon the current action plan and identify what initiatives are currently being implemented for each of the three results. The hope is that this will give us a clearer picture of what is working well, what we need to improve upon, and ideas for subcommittee groups that will spend time during each council to focus on addressing specific needs in the community.

Our region has three Promise Communities, all of which are at different but critical stages. The first promise community now has the funds to move the work forward. An example of this is the disbursement of funds for the child care mini-grants that support providers in meeting the new regulations. The second Promise Community is developing efforts to open a child care center, and the third is in the beginning stages, but looking to use the funds to install new playground structures. 

Many community partners have been working on projects that increase food access and stability. Most recently, I have been working in partnership with nutritionists from our local department of health office to address food shelf structure, access, and creative ways to break down stigma. One of our Promise Communities’ strategies is to work collaboratively with one of our more visited food shelves to fund a larger, more adequate food shelf space as well as a large freezer. 

Our local substance abuse prevention consultant and clinician from our mental health agency have been trained in Building Flourishing Communities and are hosting small trainings at various meetings throughout the community. Our region is becoming increasingly more knowledgeable and invested in creating trauma informed communities and the work around ACES.

Our council is taking a closer look at leverage points and resources in our community. With each council member taking a lead on addressing gaps and success stories, we will be in a better position moving forward to meeting the needs of the children and families in our region.

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