Franklin Grand Isle Regional Council Recap – July 2017

Margaret Maley
Franklin Grand Isle Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Our council has recently undergone changes, particularly the shift in regional coordinators. Our council embraced the change and we have had constructive, open dialogue around what the changes mean for the council in addition to hearing feedback about where they’d like to see the council go under new leadership. A significant bright spot is the council’s ability to adapt to change due to the strong membership and knowledge of the region. Amy Johnson and I co-facilitated at the council this past month and gained input around the council structure. Specifically, the council discussed breaking into smaller committees to support the work of the action plan.

The shift in direct service funding has allowed for a new partnership to emerge between the Parent Child Center, BBF, and the community liaisons. Despite the transition, playgroups, one-time events, workshops and other family focused initiatives continue to be offered to children and families in the region due to the dedication of the liaisons as well as the smooth transition of the direct service funding in our region.

We are beginning to work closely with the coordinator of Franklin County Early Childhood Programs who has been the champion for early MTSS implementation in our region. Our first step was to have Michelle join us for an informational share at the council, and we will continue to strengthen this partnership as early MTSS integrates into other programs in the region.

Child care is undoubtedly a problem in not only our region, but across Vermont. Folks in our region have come together to form a Child Care Action Team that consists of a group of diverse partners to identify solutions to this emerging problem.

Most recently, Permanent Fund council members and myself have come together to discuss who and where we should be asking the appreciative inquiry building our future interview questions. This collaboration of leaders in our region is imperative to ensuring the interview questions are asked to the appropriate stakeholders and other voices that should be heard.

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