Chittenden County Regional Council Recap – November 2017

Beth Truzansky
Chittenden County Regional Coordinator
Building Bright Futures




Chittenden BBF Council has maintained a very close relationship to Children’s Integrated Services. For this update, let’s explore how the Council and CIS are related and thechanges and investments that build collaboration, good process, and ultimately improved services to children and families.

Children’s Integrated Services is delivered by six organizational partners in Chittenden County. Making these services truly integrated requires shared decision making, funding, and referral and reporting systems. As of January 1, 2018 the fiscal agent for Chittenden CIS will transition from the Visiting Nurse Association to the Howard Center. The CIS Admin team is the governance body for CIS and provided oversight for this process over the last five months. Chittenden CIS subgrantees include: Child Care Resource, Howard Center, Lund, Milton Family Community Center, Vermont Family Network, and the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties. Additional leadership on Admin team includes: AHS Field Director, BBF Regional Coordinator, VDH Maternal Child Health Coordinator, CIS staff and CIS fiscal agent representative.

As the BBF Regional Coordinator, I serve on the CIS Admin Team and believe the deeper integration of services and collaboration by CIS partners provides a very important foundation for the early childhood system in the region. Here some ways the CIS Admin Team and BBF Regional Council work are aligned and leverage resources,

  • CIS Admin team recently updated the Chittenden County CIS Collaborative Governance Document;
  • Completed a leadership review for CIS leadership;
  • Align CIS goals with BBF Council Regional Action Plan;
  • Many of the CIS Admin and Intake team members also serve on the BBF Council. These members are able to bring system gaps and needs experienced by CIS providers to the Council for discussion and problem solving;
  • BBF Regional Coordinator facilitates retreats for CIS-Early Intervention and school district partners to strengthen collaboration; and
  • Shared promotion of Help Me Grow and CIS along with shared training about child development for regional providers working with children and families.
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