Progress and Challenges within Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan

Action_plan_buzz_testv02Welcome to the Action Plan Buzz. This is where you will find progress updates on Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan. (Note: The Action Plan Buzz is not a report specifically about the Action Plan Summit held on November 4th, 2015. That post-summit report will be coming soon.)

Many community and state partners help shape and implement the Action Plan through their individual and group efforts. Actions within the Plan are community driven, data informed and policy supported.

BBF Regional Councils harness community strategies and solutions through local planning which align with the Action Plan. Through collective regional and state efforts, BBF serves as a backbone organization to strengthen the early childhood system and positively impact child and family well-being.

Visualizing this work, and the role of over 40 partners, is complex, so the Action Plan uses the symbol of a beehive to portray what the Plan is and how it is meant to work.

Why a Beehive? There are five main reasons:

  1. Bees have evolved an extraordinary communication and coordination form and the individual actions of bees synchronize in harmony.
  2. It takes a cluster of bees to make honey and no one bee can do it alone. This is possible only because they co-exist. Bees communicate and cooperate.
  3. Bees divide duties. Their roles are well defined and they do not to trespass into another’s territory.
  4. Honey is produced when the bees work together.
  5. The beehive keeps on adapting itself to the ever-changing situations.

Here’s a graphic presentation to illustrate how the Action Plan is like a beehive:

(If you are not familiar with the original Early Childhood Action Plan and Early Childhood Framework documents, please click here.)

The Action Plan Buzz will announce each new progress report on a regular basis. It will also alert Action Plan partners to significant milestones or challenges.

Your Action Plan Coordinator,

Cynthia Greene

December 18, 2015