Lake Morey Head


Bee_singleAction Plan Summit, Nov. 4, 2015

Building Bright Futures’ sponsored Vermont’s Early Childhood System in Action: A Statewide Working Summit to Strengthen Vermont’s Early Childhood System on November 4, 2015 at the Lake Morey Resort. Over 100 early childhood professionals gathered to help deepen the work to impact the well-being of young children through our collective regional and state actions.

The conference materials below are organized in the order they were addressed in the Summit Agenda:


SMALL GROUP WORK: description of the FIVE AREAS of work


  1. Challenges facing the delivery of early childhood direct services in Vermont 
  1. Promoting alignment between regional and state collaboration to support young children and families
  1. Improving how the early childhood system responds to challenges and opportunities in real time 
  1. Sleuthing for potential efficiencies in Vermont’s early childhood system  
  1. Building authentic family engagement