December 18, 2015

HONEY_title-only_BEES_EXPERTMapping the Action Plan Honeycombs

Each Action Plan goal is represented by a Honeycomb – a collective of partners with expertise in the mission of the specific goal.

To go into the cells that collectively make up each honeycomb, click here. This is where you can find currently identified work groups and the partners in each group:

Honeycomb: Early Childhood Wellness Committee
Goal #1: Healthy Start for All

Honeycomb: Families & Communities Committee
Goal #2: Families & Communities Play a Leading Role

Honeycomb: Early Learning & Development Committee
Goal #3: Quality Opportunities for All

Honeycomb: Investing for Children’s Future Committee
Goal #4: Vermont Invests for Children’s Futures

Honeycomb: Data & Evaluation Committee
Goal#5: Data & Accountability Drive Progress

Honeycomb: Early Childhood Interagency Coordinating Team
Goal #6: Innovative Systems Alignment & Integration