December 18, 2015

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The the Action Plan uses the symbol of a beehive to portray what the Plan is and how it works.

A Busy Hive – Action Plan Progress

Vermont’s Early Childhood Action Plan is a work in progress. See below for Progress by Goal.

As the steward of the Action Plan, BBF is designing online tools to aid communications between:

  • Partners and BBF’s State Advisory Council (SAC),
  • Honeycombs and the BBF SAC Committees, and
  • BBF Regional Councils and the BBF SAC.

Mapping identifies all the lead organizations and partners actively working on each goal.

The work-plans of several partners are aligned with the Action Plan. See the Action Plan Crosswalk here.

Currently, partners are assisting in “fleshing out” the Action Plan Measures of Progress and Timelines for all actions within the plan.


The Action Plan Coordinator depends on Lead Organizations and partners to report the information needed to finalize this initial step for all goals.

Progress Report by GOAL (from reports submitted before 11/30/2015)