To bring together public and private partners, families and communities the Early Childhood Action Plan has devised a structure coordinated by the Early Childhood Action Plan coordinator, Cynthia Greene.

Six Goals of the Early Childhood Action Plan A Healthy Start for All Children Families & Communities Play a Leading Roll High Quality Opportunities for All Children Invest Now for the Future Know We Are Making a Difference An Innovative and Connected System BBF Early Childhood Wellness Committee BBF Family & Communities Committee BBF Early Learning & Development Committee BBF Investing for Children's Future Committee BBF Data & Evaluation Committee Early Childhood Interagency Coordination Team



Goal 1: A Healthy Start for All Children 

All children have a healthy start. 

Goal 2: Families and Communities Play a Leading Role 

Families and communities play a leading role in children’s well-being. 

Goal 3: High-Quality Opportunities for All Children 

All children and families have access to high-quality opportunities that meet their needs.

Goal 4: Invest Now for Our Future 

Vermont invests in prevention and plans for the future success of children. 

Goal 5: Know We’re Making a Difference 

Data and accountability drive progress in early childhood outcomes. 

Goal 6: An Innovative and Connected System 

The early childhood system is innovative and integrated across sectors in order to better serve children and families.