Talk to us!  The Building Bright Futures (BBF) State Advisory Council (SAC) wants to hear from you.

Here’s how the BBF State Advisory Council can elevate contributions by organizations or individuals to statewide prominence and align these contributions to the Early Childhood Action Plan in our effort to realize the promise of every Vermont child.

  1. Act as a sounding board or consultant on ideas or conflicts within the Early Childhood System and ensure alignment of concepts with the Vermont Early Childhood Action Plan.
  2. Assist in aligning statewide initiatives with the Early Childhood Action Plan.
  3. Provide the affirmations needed for the Vermont Early Childhood Alliance application – the first step in promoting your policy issue at the state legislative level.
  4. Direct early childhood system issues to the appropriate regional or statewide workgroups.

For regional issues, topics or needs, contact the appropriate Building Bright Futures Regional Councils. Click here for the list of the 12 BBF Regional Councils and Regional Coordinator contact information.

Here are the steps to be heard by the BBF State Advisory Council:

Fill out the online form below or download the PDF and follow submission instructions. If you have questions about how to fill out the form, contact the Early Childhood Action Plan Coordinator.

BBF State Advisory Council Request Form
  • Check all that Apply
  • Add a new row
  • Please use your best thinking to align this issue, topic or need to the Early Childhood Action Plan. Please fill in the goal, strategy and action below. Click here to view all Action Plan goals, strategies and actions. If unknown, leave blank or contact the Action Plan Coordinator.