Voices from the Field

DRAFT Southeast Vermont BBF Regional Action Plan

2016 – 2021

Posted May 20, 2016; Updated August 26, 2016

This is a DRAFT document and will be updated on a regular basis. View the color charts within the document by increasing or zooming in.

Table of Contents:

Preface – 3

Introduction – 5

Community Characteristics – 7

Indicators and Actions from the Theory of Change – 11

Step 1: Going Deep and Southeast Vermont’s Theory of Change – 12

Step 2: Identifying indicators from Outcome Pathways in the Theory of Change – 13

Step 3: Southeast Vermont’s Regional Action Plan – 19

Step 4: Resources Inventory Asset Mapping – 32

Next Steps – 34

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Don’t want to dig into all 30+ pages but want to know what we are up to? Click Here for the quick version of our regional strategic action plan.