State Advisory Council & Early Childhood Action Plan 2.0  

Becky Gonyea, Early Childhood Action Plan (ECAP) Strategic Consultant, presented guiding documents that offer recommendations and strategies to improve implementation of the ECAP.

Discussion arose surrounding how Building Bright Futures (BBF) can be effective and efficient, while also nimble enough to develop additional committees to carry out its mission should the need arise. BBF could utilize a current committee to carry out a priority strategy of the ECAP, or develop a new ad-hoc committee.

Committees would play an oversight role, and question was raised regarding how committees have been working. Becky shared that some are more actively working on ECAP strategies than others. Communicating this work would be helpful for the SAC and stakeholders, and assist in closing the gap and moving things forward.

There was also question of whether a new committee would answer questions or create redundancies. The SAC weighed the pros and cons.

Discussion concluded with SAC agreeing that Becky’s work is moving in the right direction.

An update of the ECAP can be found Here.

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