Children’s Integrated Services is statewide prevention and early intervention program that promotes child’s growth and development supports families during pregnancy/postpartum and their child’s early years birth to 6.

Their program provides:


Family Support

Specialized Childcare

Early Childhood, family mental health, and early intervention

The Rutland Children’s Integrated Services team helps identify and coordinate early childhood prevention, early intervention resources, and services for families.

Pregnant/Postpartum Women who desire support to stay healthy, or have questions about a condition or risk situation that affects their well being.

Children whose parent or caregiver has questions or concerns about a suspected developmental delay or condition

Families who have questions or concerns about providing a stable, healthy environment for their children.

For more information on Children’s Integrated Services contact Rutland Children’s Integrated Service Coordinator, Theresa Reutzel (802) 770-1621

or email: