The Early Childhood Framework represents Vermont’s commitment to ensure that our young children grow up happy, healthy and ready for a lifetime of learning. It recognizes that we will be better able to achieve the goals established in this Framework by sharing the responsibility and working together. It also acknowledges that we all benefit when all our children and families are thriving. Lastly, the Framework is a call to action. It prompts each of us to identify what we can do to realize the promise of every Vermont child.

Six goals are the heart of the Framework:

  • Goal 1: A Healthy Start for All Children
  • Goal 2: Families and Communities Play a Leading Role
  • Goal 3: High-Quality Opportunities for All Children
  • Goal 4: Invest Now for Our Future
  • Goal 5: Know We’re Making a Difference
  • Goal 6: An Innovative and Connected System

When determining exactly how we are going to achieve these goals, it is helpful to have guidelines to help us chart our course. The following ten principles are woven into the goals and will inform the Framework’s Action Plan:

  • Think about the whole child
  • Consider all children
  • Focus on quality
  • Build on what we know is working
  • Take the long view
  • Hold ourselves accountable
  • Involve communities and families as equal partners
  • Strengthen connections between education, human services and health
  • Invest early
  • Promote families’ economic security
  • Emphasize prevention
  • Keep collaboration at the heart of our work together