Manuela Fonseca, Early Education Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Education, and Reeva Murphy, Deputy Commissioner, Child Development Division, Department for Children and Families, Agency of Human Services, speak before the BBF Early Learning & Development Committee on January 8, 2015

Overview of Act 166
Vermont’s Universal Public Pre-Kindergarten

Regional Designation

  • What is the process for determining Pre-K regions?
  • Who is and how can folks get involved in the discussions of regional determinations?
  • How to ensure a transparent discourse and process which is inclusive of providers, parents and community members?

Bulletin to Delay Implementation

  • What is the current status of “all or nothing” implementation vs. “cherry picking” components to implement for the coming school year?
  • Who is and how can folks get involved in the discussions of delayed implementation? What is the timing for these discussions? Statewide or local?

Pre-K Expansion Grants

  • How will this grant impact Act 166 implementation? Bulletin for delay? Process for determining Pre-K regions? Ability to ensure inclusion and participation from interested and important cross-sector parties?
  • How might this impact school expansion of Pre-K vs. partnership/full day full year services via pre-qualified child care providers?


  • Who is responsible for crafting consistent messaging?
  • How to get involved with crafting of messaging?
  • How to disseminate appropriate messaging?