Building Bright Futures - Data Reporting System

Building Bright Futures Early Childhood Data Reporting System (ECDRS) working prototype version 1.3 is now available for your use and feedback. Go to http:/

Building Bright Futures vision is that ECDRS will be an integrated online toolbox that equips Vermonters (policymakers, practitioners, parents and others) to leverage (contribute, access and use) meaningful data for the well-being of children, families and communities.

We are now moving into the Building Out in Stages Phase where we will populate ECDRS with more data, visualizations, stories behind the data and how data can be used to inspire action and positive change. Our goal is to have ECDRS fully operating by December 30, 2015. We are currently seeking additional investments to accomplish this goal. If you are an interested investor, please contact BBF Executive Director, Julie Coffey,

For a brief description of the BBF Data Initiative, ECDRS visit here.

The BBF Data and Evaluation Committee advises the BBF Data Initiative. For more information on the Committee’s work.

For more information contact Co-Directors, Kathleen Eaton Paterson and Dave Lapointe at