The mighty African warriors of the Masai understood the importance of children to their community.  An example  of this is their traditional greeting to one another, “And how are the children?” This greeting demonstrates the importance of children in this tribe’s day-to-day activities and they expected each reply to be, “All the children are well.” It was a number one priority for the Masai that their children were safe, healthy  and loved.  Can we say the same about Vermont’s children…..every single one of them? There is much  we  can learn  from  this  way  of thinking, especially given the fact that in Vermont, there are over 128,000 children under the age of 18. Like the mighty Masai, we have the critical responsibility to answer, “All the children are well.”  In an attempt to challenge ourselves to start thinking along these lines, Building Bright Futures has begun publishing an annual “How are Vermont’s Young Children?” data report and monthly policy briefs around the topic of young child and family well-being  and highlighting solutions that can lead to smarter policies and laws.

View our LAUNCH Policy and Information – Promoting Social and Emotional Well-being of Young Children

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