Early Childhood Action Plan Recap – September State Advisory Council Meeting


On September 25th, the State Advisory Council (SAC) for Building Bright Futures (BBF) met to review and approve of the Early Childhood Action Plan (ECAP) committees’ priorities for the 2017-2018 year.

Emilie Kornheiser, ECAP Director, reminded the SAC of the ECAP Implementation Launch back in July when participants from across our early childhood system worked together to prioritize strategies for the 17/18 year. She explained how the committees have been following the next step in the ECAP cycle of selecting implementation teams to move each strategy forward.

The committees have been working to ensure that they have the capacity to carry out their priorities, that these priorities are aligned with their goals, and to ensure that there is no duplicity in their efforts.

Emilie highlighted the committees’ excitement and interest in the SAC’s perspective and invited members to join a committee if they are interested in a content area.

Emilie invited the SAC on a gallery walk to review Prioritized Strategies and actions and to ask any clarifying questions, discuss, and vote to proceed with the implementation teams as they’ve been proposed. The SAC reviews and affirms committee work at each step of the Implementation Cycle, to set a shared vision at the SAC table. Doing so will ensure that all parties are working on the same goals together and are closing the feedback loop.

The SAC had an engaging discussion about the priority areas and proposed implementation teams. Council members explored the wide scope of even our closely prioritized work, the need to measure effectiveness, and the need for specificity of agendas and work plans so staff and potential new members can make informed decisions of when and how to participate in committee work.

After discussion, the council moved to send the priority areas back to the committees for further work and clarity, as more focus was required by the Council in order to feel comfortable accepting these priorities. Emilie will bring the SAC’s feedback to the committees, asking them to further refine their priorities as they develop work plans and performance measures.

A regular theme throughout the presentation was the new ground that we’re breaking with the Implementation Cycle: this is the first year of the implementation cycle and processes will continue to be refined over time, allowing next year’s Implementation Cycle to be data driven, and family centered.

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