Grant Management

Agency of Education

  • Karin Edwards, Director of Integrated Support and Learning, PreK – Middle School, VT Agency of Education Tel: 802-479-1407
  • Kate Rogers, Early Childhood Special Education/IDEA 619 Coordinator, VT Agency of Education Tel: 802-479-1454

Agency of Human Services – Central Office

AHS – Department for Children and Families

  • Reeva Murphy, Deputy Commissioner, Child Development Division, Department for Children and Families Tel: 802-241-1209 Cell: 802-760-0792
  • Julianne Nickerson, Promise Communities Director, Child Development Division, Department for Children and Families, Tel: 802-241-0820
  • Melissa Riegel-Garrett, Director, Statewide Systems and Community Collaboration, Child Development Division, VT Dept. for Children and Families Tel: 802-241-2198 

AHS – Vermont Department of Health

  • Breena Holmes, Maternal and Child Health Director, VT Dept. of Health Tel: 802-863-7347 Cell: 802-585-6265

Building Bright Futures

Philanthropic Partners

  • Alyson Richards, Chief Executive Officer, The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, Tel: 802-371-9750
  • Eddie Gale, Program Director, The A.D. Henderson Foundation Tel: 802-888-1188
  • Kim Keiser, VT Project Director, The Turrell Fund Tel: 802-496-4844 Cell: 802- 349-4328