Working together for the good of children and families.


Building Bright Futures – Bennington’s Early Childhood Council is a shared forum where parents, administrators and direct service providers committed to respectful, safe and non-judgmental relationships work together to support positive outcomes for young children and families in Bennington County.


  • Interagency Collaboration and Integration: The members of the Council agree to work together as a team to creatively problem-solve community issues, provide peer support and integrate and simplify our resources and services to meet common objectives. Each agency, in what it does, has a significant effect on the services, programs and resources of the other agencies and will consider this effect when planning.
  • Family-Centered and User Friendly Services: The members of the Council agree that family services are integrated with child services. We see the child in the context of the family and the family in the context of the child. Family-centered includes comprehensive, developmentally appropriate accessible services and programs for families which consider families’ priorities, needs and circumstances when planning services and programs. These services and programs will be community-based.
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice: The members of the Council agree to provide an environment, content, activities, materials and methods that are coordinated with the level of development of the children and families served and for which these children and families are ready.  When planning activities and services, we will keep in mind age, individual, cultural and social appropriateness.
  • Comprehensive Services: The members of the Council agree to be cognizant of the fact that each component of the early childhood community is part of a larger system within each local community and, in turn, each community within the state.  When coordinated as a unified system, positive outcomes for young children and their families are best realized.
  • Professional Development and Parent Education/Support: The members of the Council agree to provide its members with opportunities to learn through the development of local “best practice” options, the study of research and data collection and by the sharing of information and research with each other.   Similarly, the member agencies of the ECC agree to provide parents with educational opportunities, whenever possible, and support through the services of the member agencies and by linking parents with other parents with comparable experiences.
  • Advocacy for and with Families and Children: The members of the Council agree that we will work collaboratively to educate all members of the community regarding the challenges and strengths of young children and their families and share legislative and other relevant information to meet identified needs.
  • Inclusive Services: The members of the Council agree that young children learn best when placed with their peers; children who are categorically segregated based on a handicapping condition, age, socio-economic status and other factors do not learn as well as children who have opportunities to interact with and learn in the same place as their non-categorical peers.