The Addison Building Bright Futures Council is one of twelve Regional Councils (one in each Agency of Human Services District) seeking to ensure that all Vermont children are healthy and successful by improving the quality, affordability and accessibility of services for families with children under the age of six in the areas of health, early care and education. With the involvement of parents, early childhood professionals and community members, each Regional Council coordinates regional programs and services, communicates local gaps in services to the State Council and develops and monitors regional plans for service delivery.

The Addison BBF council has merged with Addison Integrating Family Services into one greater council, which connects the system that supports early childhood, youth, teens and families. The Addison BBF/IFS council is comprised of staff and community members, representative of public and private health, human services and education sectors. Addison BBF/IFS works to meet the needs of individual families, in addition to improving population wellness.

Read the Addison Region Fact Sheet.