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Building Bright Futures is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization and the designated Vermont Early Childhood Advisory Council to the Governor, Administration and Legislature in Vermont.

BBF is the statewide nonprofit, public-private partnership focused on improving the well-being of young children and families by improving the system that serves them. BBF improves child and family well-being through three program areas: Community, Data and Policy.

BBF is developing a way to monitor Vermont’s Early Childhood System to assure access, quality and equity. Building Bright Futures (BBF) serves as the Vermont Early Childhood Advisory Council  and is charged with specific responsibilities for improving the quality of services for families and young children by establishing a system for planning, coordinating, integrating and developing evidence-informed early childhood interventions, forward-thinking policies, public information and resources at the state and regional levels.

Through 12 Regional Councils, BBF’s statewide network aligns community action with state policy in order to make improvements in access, quality and equity of early care, health and education for families and young children 0-8.

Mission Statement: All Vermont families and children will have access to a continuum of comprehensive, high quality early childhood programs that meet established standards, promote school readiness, and address the needs of the child and family.

Statement of Purpose: Vermont will create a unified, sustainable system of early care, health and education for all young children and their families.

Our Vision Statement: Harnessing the power of Vermont communities to improve child and family well-being.

Our story is the story of Vermont’s evolving early childhood system

The Building Bright Futures (BBF) grew from an early childhood working group in1992 that included public school pre-kindergarten programs, Parent-Child Centers, Early Head Start, Head Start and private early childhood providers trying to align services and programs in each of the 12 Agency of Human Services districts. The BBF State Advisory Council and 12 Regional Councils were established in June 2006 through Executive Order to advise the Governor on early childhood well-being.

The State and Regional Advisory Councils were charged with improving the quality of services for families and young children by establishing an integrated system for planning, coordinating and developing early childhood programs through evidence-based recommendations, performance-based accountability and two-way public communication between the regions and the state.

Vermont Act 104 was passed in May, 2010, establishing BBF as the advisor to the Governor and legislature on the well-being of families and children including prenatal through 8-years-old. BBF was established as a nonprofit public charity in July 2011 governed by a board  that includes government representatives from the State Advisory Council and representatives from the private sector to form a public-private partnership (PPP).

BBF History and Timeline

Evolution of Vermont’s early childhood system

Early Childhood System • Early Childhood Framework • Early Childhood Action Plan

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